utkatasana awkward pose bikram's beginning yoga class



New students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts.

All students must arrive on time, so as not to miss the first breathing exercise.

It’s usually best to practice on an empty stomach.

Clothes should be light and comfortable.

It’s hot! It is very important to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER before and after class in order to stay well hydrated (water available for sale at the studio).

A yoga mat and a towel are mandatory to practice (available for rent and sale at the studio).

You do not have to be flexible, yoga will MAKE you flexible! Muscle soreness after the first class is to be expected. The best way to overcome this is to come back the next day!

ALL TRUE Bikram yoga classes are 90 minutes long. Be ready to sweat!

Is it for me?

Bikram yoga is for everyone. It's a beginning level series designed to be accessible to anybody, regardless of fitness level. If you want to improve your health or simply feel good in your body, Bikram yoga is for you. The series is designed for beginners as well as experienced practitioners so previous knowledge of yoga is not a requirement. As you continue to do Bikram yoga and deepen your practice you will notice how it evolves, adapting to your new level and needs. Although every class may feel different, you will always leave balanced and refreshed. In particular, Bikram yoga may help with the following: headaches/migraines, weight loss, controlling cholesterol levels, cross training and sports conditioning, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a large towel, a yoga mat and bottle of water.

What provisions are available at the studio?

TOWELS – $3 rental each

MATS – $2 rental, $60 purchase

WATER – $3




How often should I take class?

For best results, you should practice at least 3 times a week, optimally 5 times a week, so the different body parts and systems keep the benefits and continue to evolve and correct themselves. We encourage you to come as often as you can with an unlimited yoga membership. Whatever you give to your practice, Bikram yoga will give exponentially back to you.

What if the heat is too much?

In the beginning you may find that the heat, combined with exercise, is too much for you. You can always sit through a pose if necessary during class, and then start again. Try to avoid leaving the room during class so you can become acclimated to the heat. You will get used to it quickly and soon will learn to love it. It will help your practice progress quickly.

Where can I park?

You can find free parking on the surrounding streets or park in the lot behind the building.

Do I Need to Reserve a spot?

It's not necessary but we absolutely encourage you to download our app so you can manage your account and pre-register for classes to ensure you get a spot.